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Our work over the past twenty-plus years has focused on those in crisis as well as those seeking to enrich their lives. Children and adults with life-threatening illnesses have found that our multi-sensory work enables them to move through this passage with an enhanced sense of well being, both physically and emotionally.

Individuals living with chronic pain have reported alleviated physical symptoms as well as relief from associated anxiety. Those seeking healing from sexual, physical and emotional traumas find it easier to work with their pain. Through the combination of music and guided imagery a non-threatening environment is established which allows the integrative massage therapy to nourish the potential for healing.

Others who have sought this experience include musicians, writers, actors and artists. They have found that blocks or restrictions to creative expression seem to dissolve in this multi-dimensional work. People who are seeking deeper meaning in their lives have felt that our techniques guided them in their vision quests.

The Physical Benefits of Massage Therapy

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The Mental and Emotional Benefits of Massage Therapy

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